Auto Insurance Online Rates – How Accurate Are Auto Insurance Quotes And Rates Online?

Q: When I get rates from auto insurance companies online, are they generally accurate or are they just a come on to get me to the companies web site?

A: Generally, auto insurance quote rates are fairly accurate. The quotes you receive from online services will not usually be the actual amount your policy will cost. The reason for this is that online quotes are simply estimates based on minimal information. Before you actually purchase a policy you will be required to fill out a much more detailed questionnaire regarding your driving and accident history. Based on the details that emerge when applying for a policy the cost will adjust accordingly.

Online auto insurance quotes can be a useful tool when searching for your new auto insurance policy, but we don’t recommend relying on them exclusively. The initial quotes you see can be a good indicator of how much the policy is going to cost which can narrow down your search.

After you have narrowed the companies down to two or three you can then fill call each company individually and provide detailed information about your driving history. The quotes you receive after this process should be an accurate representation of what the policy will cost you.

Lastly, comparing quotes from several different companies is one of the easiest ways to save money on your car insurance premiums and we highly recommend that you do so. While it many seem like common sense, many drivers simply jump on the first quote they are given and end up paying too much for their coverage as a result.